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Bingham Hill offers residents a chance to watch the fire | News

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Bingham Hill offers residents a chance to watch the fire

LARIMER COUNTY, Colo. — From the top of Bingham Hill, there is a 180-degree view of fire and smoke.

Most of the fire is two miles west, but from the hill no view is spared.

The hill is named after Samuel Bingham who settled at its foot in 1860. Today, 150 years later, people visit the hill to see their homes and in many cases what’s left of them.

The hill is at the base of Soldier Canyon.

“It’s just a peaceful area with the Meadowlarks singing and gentle breezes,” said Craig Perman.

But Perman isn’t just at the hill to see its beauty; he’s there because the hill offers one of the most expansive views of the miles of devastation outside the evacuation zone.

“It’ just makes it more real,” said Perman. “It’s something that touches you that it’s something actually happening not just something remote and a news story.

There are always people on the hill and they don’t know each other. They are all here for different reasons. Susan Mireles comes here every day. “There’s a stucco house, we’re right kind of below them,” she said as she pointed out her home in the distance.

She’s watching the fireline about three football fields away.

“You keep thinking it’s just stuff. Then you realize it’s your stuff. So, it’s pretty emotional.”

The views on Bingham are breathtaking, but they are difficult to see.

“It’s my home. That’s the hardest part. The whole area is my home,” said Linda Harr.



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